If you want to get your website high in the search engines then you need to update your site on a regular basis.

Maybe your site doesn’t change because you can’t edit it yourself. Or you are too busy to do it.  Whatever the reason, not changing your website can be very costly. The sites that do best are nearly always the ones that clients are committed to and regularly change – changing wording, adding pages, photos or blogging.

I monitored a website for a Horsham company that was neglected and over about a year it dropped from no.2 on the first page of Google to page 3.  The result – no enquiries.

With regular changes to the site – short regular blogs, editing text (primarily on the home page), and other small changes just taking about half an hour a week, over the space of about 3 months,  it is now back on page 1.

So don’t take a high spot on Google for granted, as you could lose it very quickly. And if you are currently low on the rankings regular updates to the site could be a part of the solution. So make a point of updating your site at least once a month, or ideally even more often.