Above all else, any website is only as good as its content and content is the key to a sticky site. If there is nothing interesting to read or look at, there is no reason for your audience to visit your site, stay or come back.

Where do you get content?
If you’ve been listening to your readers, you should have lots of ideas of what to write about. The best way to create content s to write it yourself. You understand your business and what your customers want to know. Also, it’s free and there are no problems with copyright.

Alternatively you can pay for content to be produced for you, or purchase material already written. This costs range from free (where the writer just wants the recognition) to expensive but it can be a quick way to obtain high quality content.

A word of warning; there are web-based services called Online Reprinters. These companies solicit material then offer it for reprint. However, it is not uncommon for them to use material without verifying it is not plagiarised – you use it and you may unknowingly be violating copyright laws.

Bringing it together
Putting together a strategy of listening, community, and content takes some work, but if you can keep your readers on your site, it can only benefit your business.