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“Sticky” Web Pages – Build Community

When you create an on-line community, big or small, you give your readers something to belong to. The internet is a very impersonal, and anything you can do to make your site more personal for your readers will make them … Continue reading

“Sticky” Web Pages – Listen to Your Readers

Your readers are your audience. They are your new or repeat customers, the people who buy your services and/or products, click on your links and generate your income. What are they saying? The first step is to make sure that … Continue reading

“Sticky” Web Pages

It has been said that ‘dot com’ companies spend 70% of their marketing budget on getting new customers and only 5% on keeping them on their website once they are there. This can be fatal. It is easy to concentrate … Continue reading

Two Speed Internet

At a key debate into the future of the web ISPs have defended their right to operate a two-speed internet. The debate was organised by the government, which is keen to see the principles of a free and equal net … Continue reading

ASA to regulate websites

Internet users will soon have the opportunity to complain about company websites. Consumers will be able to make official objections about indecent or misleading information on the internet to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which is taking on new powers … Continue reading

Web Content strategy

Content strategy is absolutely key in online marketing and a subject that deserves a lot of attention. If you have no strategy for your content, your site is doomed from the start.  The web is full of stagnating brochure sites … Continue reading