Research shows that blogging could increase your sales by as much as 70%.

Recent studies in to how blogs affect business have shown that writing a blog on a monthly basis can increase lead generation by nearly 50%, and doing a weekly blog can add a further 20% to that. If you consider the amount of time taken to write a few paragraphs each week it could possibly be the most profitable time that you could spend, when you compare it to other types of advertising.

Most Horsham companies are missing out. Having looked at a selection of Horsham websites I found that less than one in five are adding valuable web content by blogging, and are falling behind the companies that do.

Where to start

Wondering how to start blogging? It’s very easy. Get your web design company to add blogging software to your website or set up a blog at and start writing. Simply write about your business,products, latest news and publish it.

If you are not sure how to write blogs, or don’t have the time then why not give Dawn Brewer a call. She writes blogs for a living and can do it for you. You’ll find her details at