We have worked on a website called SETnetGlobal, a hotel booking and settlement network.  A description of the service it provides from the website is – ‘For hotels, the business benefits are compelling. As soon as you register, you get immediate exposure to all the agents registered with SETnet Global, opening the door to increased bookings via an extended leisure sales channel.’

Profitable websites have been working on this exciting website. It contains a moving slide show on the home page along with customised pictures with captions on the inside pages. It is a very dynamic, content-filled website with neat pictures, a bespoke header along with skype and email details. Google maps has been implemented in the contact page along with increased editing options to allow us customize the contact page with more information along the left side. We have also included widget sections giving the user additional information about the business.

From a navigation point of view it is very easy to navigate around the website as the design is crisp and clear despite having a lot of content. Also, as this is a big business, we do not want to bombard users with multimedia and flashy widgets. By keeping it tidy with simple features can we offer a comfortable experience for all users and still provide a corporate, professional feel for the business.

If you would want a website for a small or large business please get in touch with us and we can offer you a simple yet very effective website.