Whilst modern touch screen phones and tablets can handle most websites some can still be difficult to read on a small screen.  If you are considering a website makeover you should think about making it mobile friendly.

One option would be to create a separate website more suitable for smaller screen sizes.  A website can be made precisely for mobile devices without having to worry about the compatibility of a computer screen.  Any page, or part of a page, that is not suitable for a small screen can be omitted or re-written and the navigation can be completely different to suit a touch screen.  Adding a small amount of JavaScript on a web page can detect a mobile device and forward the user to the mobile site.

However, you should consider that by running separate sites, any content changes need to be replicated across each.  Not a problem for sites with largely static content but more of an issue with regularly updated pages such as product information or blogs.

One thing is certain, people are using mobiles to look at your site and the number is only going to grow.  One of our clients, an on-line toy retailer based in Horsham, reports that 20% of his business now comes via mobile devices.  As time goes on it is not an option to simply ignore mobile users for most businesses and you should ensure your web design can accommodate them.