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Fidos – Recent Client.

Why Horsham Companies Need to Blog

Research shows that blogging could increase your sales by as much as 70%. Recent studies in to how blogs affect business have shown that writing a blog on a monthly basis can increase lead generation by nearly 50%, and doing … Continue reading

Why you need to update your website

If you want to get your website high in the search engines then you need to update your site on a regular basis. Maybe your site doesn’t change because you can’t edit it yourself. Or you are too busy to … Continue reading

Are you making the most of Google Places?

If you are a company looking to generate business on a local level (a town or perhaps a county) then you need to make sure that you get your Google Places listings up to date with the right content to … Continue reading

Mobile Websites

Whilst modern touch screen phones and tablets can handle most websites some can still be difficult to read on a small screen.  If you are considering a website makeover you should think about making it mobile friendly. One option would … Continue reading

Links That Google Doesn’t Like

Scoring well on Google’s rankings is a complex business.  There are many factors to consider including your domain name, the descriptions & keywords embedded on web pages and the actual content on your website.  You should add links to that … Continue reading

“Sticky” Web Pages – Create Content

Above all else, any website is only as good as its content and content is the key to a sticky site. If there is nothing interesting to read or look at, there is no reason for your audience to visit … Continue reading

“Sticky” Web Pages – Build Community

When you create an on-line community, big or small, you give your readers something to belong to. The internet is a very impersonal, and anything you can do to make your site more personal for your readers will make them … Continue reading

“Sticky” Web Pages – Listen to Your Readers

Your readers are your audience. They are your new or repeat customers, the people who buy your services and/or products, click on your links and generate your income. What are they saying? The first step is to make sure that … Continue reading

“Sticky” Web Pages

It has been said that ‘dot com’ companies spend 70% of their marketing budget on getting new customers and only 5% on keeping them on their website once they are there. This can be fatal. It is easy to concentrate … Continue reading